Our Services



We endeavor with a large number of global pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospitals, international warehouses and suppliers in more than 45 countries in order to provide proper treatment options at affordable prices for the patients. Committed to make international sales of pharmaceuticals and healthcare products at competitive prices, our ever-growing line of business includes the followings but not limited with them; Meet the needs of public and private hospitals, healthcare providers on an international basis. Supply of comparator drugs at proper time with rapid delivery system. As a leader and pioneer of pharmaceutical wholesale in Turkey, and with an export coverage of 86 countries at the moment, Gordion Pharmaceutical Wholesaler is currently working with more than 150 customers in these countries for the provision of more than 800 pharmaceuticals actively. Together with our effective and competitive service, we are still enlarging our service area.



We work in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of many countries about the shortage list. We perform all kinds of product supply for the relevant ministries of health quickly and at competitive prices. We provide the shipment procurement that the ministries have requested from us.