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    Gordion is a young and dynamic company with its wide, expanding medicine pipeline and export its product pipeline to all around the world; One of Gordion aim is improving its main structure very rapidly with its well experienced team and expanding its structure with effective implements sourching to reach every suffering lifes with its high quality products; so we serve pharmaceutical sector to improve our competence in every aspect to ensure a reliable and high quality supply chain, which effectively implements sourcing, storing and transprtation solutions under both Regulations and clients requirements. By the way we are a well reputation company as being Distributor of very well known manufacturers especially in the fileds of expertise of Diabetes , Rheumatolgy , Neurology , Biosimilars , Biologics , Oncology . such as Sanovel Pharmaceutical, Onko Pharmaceutical, Gen Ilac. San.Tic.Sti., Arven Pharmaceutical, TRPharm, Dr. Redy's Pharmaceutical, Waymade Plc, Türk İlac and enter very fluently the tenders for international basis as a matter of fact the results usually demonstare that we acquired the tenders.We have a global pharmaceutical company also in Baghdad, Iraq and growing and growing day by day getting the force of its capaticiy with its well experienced team


"Companies must constantly change and be updated to survive. Companies that are not looking for unchanging a new alternatives can not survive for long. " Gordionpharma, we believe in the importance of having a clear set of priorities to survive in this rapidly changing market environment. Our mission is to achieve sustainable growth in the long term and offer added value to all our partners and stakeholders. To carry out this mission in Gordionpharma we continue to update our generics/ Oncology, orphan product portfolio maintaining close and permanent collaboration with our distributors and pharmaceutical companies, managing this way the licensing and additionally the promotion, commercialization and distribution of these products through a costumer portfolio of more than 2,000 potential contacts all around the world (Germany, Swiss, Ireland, Spain, Britain, Turkey,USA, India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar ,Iranian, Iraq, Nigeria, Angola, Libya, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan)


At Gordionpharma we are convinced that our business model should contribute to sustainable business development, whose main objective is to become recognized by our customers as a strategic partner who has the best set of products and solutions, besides the high quality in the service provided. We are proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it, and we want to be able to respond in a professional and competent way to all requests, offering a guarantee of results that meet the expectations of each of our clients.


In Gordionpharma we seek to establish partnerships and long-term business relationships with our partners in order to boost business growth, using all our strengths and working ethically creating long-term value for all parties involved. In Gordionpharma we believe that success lies in the ability to develop strategies in order to both parties can benefit each other in a sustainable manner over time. From the beginning of activity our company philosophy has been to take our business in a responsible way. Our daily work is in discovering how to develop solutions that improve the commercial relations with our customers and in our opinion, which is the most significant contribution from Gordionpharma to the business.


• 30 years of experience with its well search capacity,

• Competitive price policy,

• Rapid supply,

• Qualified and safetly shipment with a leading professional team,

• The speed to learn and keep up the technological developments quickly.








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